Bleu’s News June


Dick Dale Memorial

Family members, friends and fans gathered at Huntington Beach Pier this past Sunday for a memorial for Dick Dale, the late King of the Surf Guitar, who died in April at age 81. An avid surfer, Dale built a devoted fan base across Southern California starting in the late 1950s. A group of surfers then took to the water for a “paddle-out,” the traditional ceremony held for fellow surfers when they die.


3rd Annual Newport Harbor Underwater Clean Up

We kicked off our June with the 3rd annual Newport Harbor Underwater Clean Up. This is our second year photographing this amazing event at Balboa Bay Club. This year volunteers and SCUBA divers retrieved over 2000 lbs of waste and debris (Including a full size toilet) from the waters of Newport Harbor. The after clean up celebration was a blast with some great live music and our good friend Ryan Adams of Parallel Pizzeria, serving up his delicious pizzas for the hungry volunteers. If you would like to get involved with this awesome organization check out the website at

Meet Jack Palmer M.D.

Jack Palmer is a board certified internal medical physician specializing in anti-aging medicine. His interest in this field was sparked when he noticed that his elderly relatives in Europe were far more lucid and active than the same aged patients in the US. Through many twists and turns throughout his life he has realized his passion in his anti-aging practice. Dr. Palmer’s mission, using the latest science and technology, is to guide others to have a healthier, better, and longer life.

To learn more about Dr. Palmer and his anti-aging process, go check him out at