Family Reunion Photography

Some of our favorite assignments are Family Reunions. We love being a part of gatherings which may only happen once every few years.

Meeting the parents, the original siblings, the grandkids, the spouses…it truly is an honor to document moments which will truly become priceless to future generations.

We know, personally, when we review OUR old family photos from the early 1900’s, we analyze the faces, the body language, the love…it’s truly a gift to time travel back through our family tree.

With this incredible group, we went the day before and scouted the location, got to know the parents, and learned their ultimate goals to display and share the images. We also photographed smaller groups and business portraits for them.

The one thing we didn’t anticipate was the sprinkler system popping on, on our side of the street…luckily, we only had one camera bag which got wet, but all or equipment survived! 💦📷🤣📷💦

Phone is a’ Ringing!

The last 15 months have been quite a surreal world for many. We are so pleased now that photographers are being called upon again for upcoming corporate needs. We are beginning to rebook jobs cancelled from last year. It is a great sign.

Looking back at some of the incredible events we have photographed in the past, this group photo stood out to us. “Lead from where you are”. What a great statement. It was motivational to the team at this event, and it has even more meaning now, thinking how businesses, big and small, had to change the way they led during a once (hopefully) in a century pandemic.

Whether you worked remotely in your bedroom for a year on zoom, or wore masks & face shields, carried hand sanitizer wherever you went, learned that elbow bumping and fist bumps are the new handshake, you had to lead from where you are.

We jump for joy at all of the new opportunities we have to create quality imagery for our clients, old and new. And we thank them for remembering us when their image matters most.

Socially Distant Family Portraits

Ali has been photographing some very special Family Portraits this month.

Why are they so special right now?

Because these Socially Distant Portraits (or “Porchtraits”) will be a documentation representing the three months during the Great Pause which you have experienced with your children.

These portraits will document this time when you realized you became an official substitute teacher, and you learned the new PEMDAS (harder!?) way that your kids are taught math.

You realized they know more about Chrome Books and Google Classroom than you would ever dream of knowing.You realized that you now appreciate that they play FortNite and Call of Duty, and understand this is sort of a new playground where they talk and connect to their classmates and play virtually, unable to physically…and it is a truly is a blessing for their teenage sanity.

You realized that they have either eaten more and gained weight due to no sports, and a hidden drawer in their room full of snacks, or they lose weight as they aren’t able to enjoy the delicious school lunches they were used to eating and that they still do not appreciate your home cooking. (Not to mention Mom’s “Covid 15 Lbs” weight gain…but we retouch that out!).

You realized they are going through an unprecedented time which, when you think about it, if happened to you in the 1970s, 1980s, or 1990s…is truly hard to comprehend.

You realized this time will shape them and make your guidance during this time is essential… and, yes, it is challenging to know how to parent them and/or be their friend 24/7. It is truly a constant puzzle to educate, entertain, entice, and pick your battles at times.

And over the past few months you realized, as you look at your great grandparents portraits, that you wish you could talk to them just one more time to ask them all of the questions about their childhood during the 1918 Pandemic.

This is why a beautiful portrait during this summer will be cherished by future generations.

And as your homework, on the back of the image, hand write what this image represents to you right now, so that future generations may get a glimpse into who you were during the 2020 pandemic.

World Oceans Day 2020

It’s hard to blog about anything these days, as our attention is to the dynamic change going on in the world. Our hearts are hurting and we pray for a better world with new energy and equality. Today is World Oceans Day, and we have a perfect image to fit today’s state of mind for us. We celebrate those who speak up at the unjust in this world and look forward to peace on earth for all.

First Day Back! Quarantine Style.

First Day back to work!

Bleu Cotton Photography, Inc. is officially reopened in this new world. We have long lenses, masks, digital viewing, and zoom consultations, so what are you waiting for to update your Marketing Headshot or Summer Family Portrait?

Today we photographed an INCREDIBLE Senior Portrait Session…the magic of On Location and Low Key Studio Backdrop! Contact us today. Keep Safe in this Universal Pause. Don’t forget to make memories. xo Ali and Bleu

Corporate Culture has Changed

Corporate professionals are being told to work from home. We are Zooming daily. We are networking now online via Social Media. Our website is definitely our storefront, and our emails are how we open the door.

This is why you need an updated Headshot. Your image and your brand and the money you earn rely on it.

Bleu and Ali will create your image within Social Distancing guidelines….we have been doing this forever! A long lens, a digital viewing platform, and a finished product sent via the web. How easier can this be?

Call us today and we can help you update your image for our world’s new normal. We wish everyone health and prosperity as we adjust during the Great Pause of 2020.

Senior Portraits during Quarantine

What a crazy year. We have been laying low like the rest of the world since March 14th. That is over 2 months right now. Fortunately our family is healthy and safe, and we are surviving. We also are using this time of The Great Pause to reach out to our friends and family and share our inspiration in not only photography but also with our love of art and cooking.

One thing that hits us hard is seeing High School Seniors design virtual Proms and Graduation Ceremonies. Listening to the television shows with Commencement Speeches and words of encouragement are truly amazing, and we know the empty feeling the kids are going through now will shape and mold them in all that they do in the future.

We are really fortunate to be in a business which allows us to create memories and still be socially distant with our long lens! Today we received an email from a client who said even though the Graduation Season has been turned upside down for her senior, she still wants to make great memories with images during this important time in her life.

What a great perspective they have and we know that our photography will definitely make that happen. Great photography will enhance the memories of a situation that may not be the greatest, whereas if you have an incredible event and lousy photography, your memories will be fuzzy as you need to look through the haze of the not so good imagery.

We look forward to making awesome memories for all the Seniors of 2020 over the next month. Here is a great memory from a 2019 Senior who we have photographed since she was a baby! She is now ending her first year as a college freshmen. Time flies. Capture the moments while they are happening with a special session anytime in your life.

Autumn Portraits

We love this time of year, when we photograph portraits in a beautiful autumn backdrop. This was a special portrait we took of Jill and Shamus… a Champion Terrier. He just got his hair cut and styled for this special portrait with his mom. The finished images are wonderful gifts for her friends and family, and will be a beautiful display on Jill’s wall.